hi, i'm joey.

this is [one of many of] my personal site[s]. if you're here you probably followed a link from somewhere.

i run midnight reality, a place where my friends and i can host our pages (such as this one), release music, throw events, etc.

i work mostly out of los angeles as an audio tech specializing in studio installation and wiring, and as a composer, engineer, producer, and whatever other hats i'm asked to wear. clients and credits across all disciplines include taylor swift, bruno mars, 88rising, jack antonoff, metallica, chris lord-alge, 1500 or nothin', the pacifica quartet, and jason mraz, among others. i'm generally available for hire. you can contact me at hey [at] joey [dot] fm.

i wrote this page from scratch. it's open source by default because you can just hit "view source". thanks for reading.